Version 2.0 is Here! has made significant improvements to the accuracy and results of summary creation and demand letter generation. Read our updates in this latest post.

Thank you to all our users for the valuable feedback. We have been listening and implemented several changes that will vastly improve your experience. These changes are effective immediately.

  • Our AI model has been upgraded to improve accuracy and results.  
  • Demand Letters now generate diagnostic codes.
  • Documents uploaded to create a demand letter no longer count against your summary total.
  • Creating a demand letter will generate 4 downloadable documents; summary of liability, summary of medical treatment, summary of damages, and a demand letter that incorporates all three of these summaries.
  • All documents can now be downloaded directly into a Microsoft Word Docx file.

In the upcoming weeks and months, we will be introducing an analysis feature for more in-depth review of documents. As well as, a customizable opening and closing paragraph for demand letters so you can add your firm’s unique voice and style to your demand letters.

And as always, we continue to run AI model training to improve accuracy and results.  

Thank you for your continued support.


The Team